Repcillin Testimonials and Reviews

We have so many testimonials of gratitude that it encourages us on a daily basis. It's very humbling and rewarding to think of how many people and pets we've helped over the years.

Customers initially tell us that nothing else has worked for them, then, they tell us they wished they had tried our products sooner, because they are the only products that have brought relief.

"me, partner and baby started using your product results!!! we're amazed!!!! My partner's back looks soo much better👏👏👏 my pigmentation is also starting to fade. Babies skin is always moisturised. And dry facial skin is a thing of the past for me. Words can't describe how greatful we are. - Bernelee Koert

As a parent you will do anything in your power to assist your children when taking care of their skin (especially teenagers being conscious of scarring). We started out using Repcillin for eczema, then tried it on insect bites (which can leave ugly scars if not taken care of) and ended up using it for almost anything skin related It is even an effective moisturiser, especially after hours in a swimming pool during summer season. As swimmers and water-polo players the harsh chemicals in combination with the sun left theirs skins dried. No moisturiser has achieved what this product has. - Laurika

Repcillin Reviews

My 3 year old had a terrible allergy, it looked like insect bites on her leg with bad marks. We bought Repcillin from the Hillcrest croc world and within 2 weeks the scars was gone. Another incident, my 11 year old had chapped lips. Vaseline and Aloe Vera wont even help, the Repcillin did the trick with 3 days. This is an awesome product which not many people know about or trust. - Sershan Govender

Thanks to M-Kem in Bellville I was able to access a tub of Repcillin 2 years ago when my husband was bitten by a Sac Spider. All known medication didn't work, but when he started using Repcillin, there was a steady and marked improvement in the bite area. We've since heard that the Sac spider is the 2nd most poisonous spider in South Africa and that its bite can cause the surrounding area to collapse, leaving am ugly dent once the infection from the bite has cleared up! Thanks to Repcillin his wound healed beautifully and there are no indentations at all! - Letitia Hall Kotze

Repcillin is a loved and trusted brand name

I’ve been using Repcillin oil for a week on my face every night. It is smoother and more glowing. But the big thing is that it’s not superficial- all these other brands of skin products you find only touch the top layer and you think “oh wow it's working’ but with Repcillin it feels like it's penetrated all the layers of my skin. My skin is looking fantastic. Im actually quite shocked. I think it has been penetrating from down below and not just the top layer I think that's whats been happening. I am stunned at how wonderful this product is - Adele Gamba

My son was 5 month old when he had the eczema and now he is almost 6years. Repcillin has healed his skin significantly and he now has a porcelain skin since then. I recommended your products to quite a lot of people at that time. I believe your company deserves to be praised. Thank you for keep making this product and helping out people who are suffering from skin issues. It surely does affect mental and emotional health when we have skin problems. - Olivia Choi