Repcillin Combo 3

When you have a distressing skin condition that keeps flaring up, you need something to help you manage your condition and bring it under control, without having to use steroids every time. This Repcillin Combo contains our High Concentrate Balm and it's the most soothing of all our products for distressed skin. Perfectly suited for your needs, don't ever be without it. Customers with dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis or solar keratosis usually choose this combo. .
You Have the High Concentrate Balm to deal with the flare-up and the Standard Balm to keep it in check.
Our Daily Moisturiser will pamper your non-problem skin.

Repcillin Combo 3 contains:
2 x 50ml Repcillin Balm in a tube
1 x 50ml High Concentrate Repcillin Balm
FREE 50ml Moisturiser
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About Repcillin Products

The Repcillin product range contains a blend of specially selected natural oils, including Crocodile Oil .
They are each chosen for their superhero qualities.
We don't use steroids, parabens, microbeads or any
harsh chemicals and none of our products have been tested on animals.

You will find an abundance of:
Omega 3,6 and 9, Vit E, non- comedogenic, bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory qualities.
Combined, they create a repair barrier moisturizer that nourishes the skin to deep levels.
The healing properties of the oils are retained, bringing relief to distressed skin