Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis is also called eczema or dermatitis. It's a sore, itchy rash found usually in the folds of the skin, such as the elbows and behind the knees or on the chest. Your skin looks red and swollen and it hurts !

Everyone deserves healthy, stress-free skin.

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Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis

Our skin range is made with you in mind. Repcillin offers an effective repair, barrier moisturizer that will sink deep into your skin. The superhero properties get to work straight away to reduce the redness, the itch, the dryness of your skin.

The secret to Repcillin is the formula of amazing natural oils which are high in EFA content, they are also anti-inflammatory and inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. The redness of your skin reduces, it stops itching, stops hurting and starts to heal.

For Atopic Dermatitis Flare-ups Repcillin recommends the following products:
1 x 50ml High Concentrate Balm to reduce the inflammation quickly +
2 x 50ml Standard Balm to bring sustained relief from symptoms +
FREE 1 x 50ml Repcillin Oil for skin maintenance +
FREE Courier
Special Price: R1650
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