Athlete's Foot

This skin condition drives you bonkers. The intense, burning itch between your toes and on your feet can make you run a mile to the nearest ice pond!

You don't have to be an athlete to suffer from it. Anyone can get it.
Athlete's foot is caused by a naughty little fungus that enjoys living on damp floors, such as showers and around swimming pools and gymnasiums. This fungus is very stubborn.
If it likes your feet, then it will take up residence and won't leave without a fight. In addition to your feet, it also loves sweaty socks!

Repcillin the Superhero: Athlete's Foot treatment

You're in luck, Repcillin contains natural, anti-fungal properties!
Just a few drops of Repcillin Oil applied to dried feet, after the shower or nightly at bedtime will keep the itch away.

We suggest the following combo:
2 x 50ml Repcillin Oil
We also suggest that you buy new cotton socks regularly.

Price for 2 x Repcillin Oils: R530 (includes free courier)
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